​high quality gym flooring interlocking tiles

MSRP is $18/tile

Buy from us and save

$14.25 inc Hst per tile for less than 30 tiles

$14 inc Hst per tilefor 30 of more tiles

Rolls of flooring is available by special order.


8mm Thickness. 

This is light commercial quality. 

Most retailers sell a thinner 6mm thickness.

Interlocking Type: Z Lock
Size: 23 5/8″ x 23 5/8″
Weight: Approx 7.5 lbs per tile


Black with 20% Platinum Grey


Black with 10% Platinum Grey and 10% Blue

> Durable 

> Hygienic 

> Easy to install and maintain 

> Cost-effective and long-lasting 

> Shock and sound absorbent 

> Unique design makes for a seamless floor surface 

> Excellent traction, even when wet 

> Safe for indoor and outdoor use 

> Mold and mildew resistant 

> Premium Recycled Rubber 

> 5 year, normal wear warranty