​​​​​​​​​​​rubber HEX DUMBBELLs

no odor

Commercial grade

Note we only accept cash or etransfer for payment


Full sets
5-25lbs $230 including Hst

Add a 5 tier vertical rack for $100

For sets listed below, add a Commercial Grade Rack

for $325 inc Hst (Normally $449+Hst)

5-30lbs $310 including Hst

5-50lbs $795 including Hst

10-50lbs $775 including Hst

​80-100lbs $1170 including Hst

Pairs-total price for each pair.
5lbs $20 including Hst

8lbs $26 including Hst
10lbs $32 including Hst

12lbs $40 including Hst
15lbs $45 including Hst
20lbs $65 including Hst
25lbs $85 including Hst

30lbs $80 including Hst
35lbs $91 including Hst

40lbs $104 including Hst
45lbs $117 including Hst
50lbs $130 including Hst
55lbs $143-out of stock
60lbs $205 -out of stock
65lbs $205-out of stock
70lbs $225-out of stock
75lbs $195-out of stock

80lbs $208 including Hst

85lbs $221 including Hst

90lbs $234 including Hst

95lbs $247 including Hst

100lbs $260 including Hst


We are by appointment only @ jhami1976@gmail.com