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all in one funCtional trainer

Normally $4300+Hst 

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​This multi-functional gym equipment enables you to carry out exercises with multiple functions and directions to achieve endless diversity. it is the PERFECT smith machine to have in your home gym

It can act as a Full on Power Rack when using the front of the All in One
Functional Trainer with 2x200 lbs Pulleys that includes Lat pull-down and Low-row
Complete Smith Machine with a Counterbalanced Olympic bar (Many all in Ones do not offer counter balanced.
Leg press with the attachment that comes with the All in One
Multi-Grip Chin-up or Pull-up bar
Dip station with multi-grip
Suspension trainer (like TRX or any other resistance band) 
Landmine station for a multiple range of exercises (from the Core to the Shoulder)

Product Dimension: D 49 x W 79 x H 89inch
Box Dimension: L 83 X W 45 X H 30inch
Weight Stacks: 2x200 lbs. 
Premium Platinum color
Pulley ratio: 2:1 for a perfect fluidity and longer cable travel
We use self-alignment linear bearing for the Smith Bar attachment AND NOT linear bearings
Counterbalanced smith bar
Weight plate holders integrated on the machine 
3mm thick 11 gauge main frames
Multi-grip chin-up bar made with premium foam grip to last longer
Stainless steel smith bar for an enhanced aesthetics appearance and an oxidation resistance

Long lat Bar
Biceps bar
Triceps rope
Pair of long Safety bar
Pair of J-hook
Landmine attachment
Pair of adjustable butterfly  handle
Squat attachment
Pair of add weight attachment
Pair multi-grip handle
Pair of dip attachment
Sit-up cushion
Exercise chart
Leg press attachment
Pair of lockjaw collar
Olympic plate storage
Bar holder
Attachment storage​